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After some training, Sid began his career in the CWF, where he wrestled as Lord Humongous. He went on to the CWA in ’88, and again worked his way to the top, defeating Brian Lee for the CWA Heavyweight Title.He held the belt for a month before losing to Wendall Cooley.

He thinks T-Pain is actually singing when he is rapping "Low." I try to argue that this is not music, this is speaking in rhythm, and that Stephen Sondheim or Richard Rodgers songs are music. But in only two years, the word "OK" seems to have been lost in his vocabulary.The duo fought together against many opponents over the next few years, including winning the King of the Hill tournament at the Great American Bash ’89.Sid also started becoming known as a good heel singles wrestler, feuding with El Gigante, Sting, and others.Still, big wins over major wrestlers were few and far between, until Sid became involved in the biggest stable in the industry.At Halloween Havoc ’90, Sid Vicious was slated to face the NWA champion, Sting, in the main event.

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